2020 Parent Handout


Soccer Details

Volunteer coaches will contact players 1 week prior to the beginning of the season.

We are hoping to recruit 2-3 coaches per team.

All parent helpers are welcome regardless of their experience.

The Season starts May 4th and runs until June 22.

The 1st week of soccer each player will receive a team t-shirt, water bottle, and a game schedule for the season.

At the end of the season, each player will receive a soccer medal and a team photo.

Players are required to bring their own water to the game. Running shoes are satisfactory. Soccer cleats are also acceptable.

Shin pads are recommended to avoid injury.

All games will be played rain or shine. Games will be cancelled due to lightning or severe weather warnings.

Coaches should confirm game status with the website (www.fisherparkrecreation.ca) and notify players whenever possible.

*Reminder   Children must be supervised at all times.

Your Coach is not a babysitter.  Parents (or a designated person) are responsible for supervising their child / children during the Soccer Program.

Code of Conduct


  • Always try to have fun
  • Practice fair play: Honesty, Fairness & Respect.
  • Be on time or early.
  • Listen to your Coaches and play safe.


  • Support the Team in its efforts to provide a positive community atmosphere where children can have fun and learn through play.
  • Encourage players, coaches, opponents and referees in their efforts to learn. Applaud good performance by all in this community league.
  • Embrace mistakes as learning opportunities.
  • Stay positive and highlight fun over winning.
  • Support the volunteer coaches and referees.
  • Never criticize referees, players or coaches.
  • If a problem arises, please try to resolve it cooperatively with the coach first.  If you require further assistance please email fisherparksports
  • Remember you are a model at all times!

Coach / Assistant Coaches / Team Volunteers:

  • Recognize your responsibility to ensure that all players have fun.
  • Enlist the parents to help (don’t do everything yourself).
  • Be on time and prepared.
  • Be constructive and positive.
  • Model and teach Respect, Fair Play and Honesty.