Soccer Coach’s Corner

The coaching clinic handouts may be found here: 2018 Soccer Coach Handout , Tips for Soccer Practice Sessions and Soccer Drills

There are a number of excellent web sites with soccer coaching resources.  Here are a couple that we like:

Tball is for children in SK/Gr1  ages 5-7      Time slot 6-7 Thursday nights

With Tball the children are at the very beginning stage. The children play with a cushy ball. There are drills to help learn to throw and catch and mini games where the children hit the ball off a Tee. In these games all children hit and advance one base. The final batter hits a grand slam…ie everyone runs home. There are no “outs”. It is the very beginning of the game where they are learning skills.

Peanut softball is for children in Gr2/3/4 ages 7-10  Time slot is Thursdays 6-7 or 7-8pm.

****For the first three weeks all players will play from 7-8pm****

At this level, an adult coach will pitch to all the children. They do play with a regular softball which is hard. These first three weeks will be used as a “skills development” stage where the children’s skills will be evaluated. At the conclusion of this period, the children will be divided into two groups and placed on teams. The beginners will then play from 6-7pm and the more advanced players will remain in the 7-8pm timeslot. These divisions will be made based on skill rather than age.

Softball is for children in Gr 5/6/7/8 ages 10/11/12/13/14.    Time slot is Thursdays 7-8pm

At this point, the kids start with an approximate half hour skills training and then a half hour game. Slowly the game time is increased as the season progresses. Here it is children pitching to other children and all the rules of the game are observed.